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ATTENTION! This plugin is no longer supported. There’s a much better one:

This post is to introduce plugin OpenID Comments for Wordpress, which allows users to leave comments using their OpenID. Current version of plugin is 0.9.1. Read the file en_readme.txt for changes.

Starting from version 0.9.0 plugin implements OpenID Server. If you have an administrator account on the site powered by WordPress, you can use any URL which belongs to the site as OpenID identity. If you have a common user account, you can use http://wordpress_blog_url/author/nickname.

Plugin based on OpenID for Wordpress, by Dan Huntley.

Main changes

  • It’s no hack any more.
  • It implements OpenID Server.
  • Users can authorize right from comment form.
  • Works with PHP4 (original version only worked with PHP5).


  • Users can pretend that they authorized with OpenID. To do this they can just enter something like in the Name field and in the URL field. The only way to prevent such cheat is switching off anonymous comments.

If you have any problems with the plugin try to read known issues, perhaps, there is a solution. If you’re continue having problems try to use alternative version of the plugin.

If you have any suggestions just write me.

All the comments are premoderated so if you are going to test the plugin here it might be that you wont see your comment immediately.

P.S. I’m not a native English speaker. It would be nice if you help me to correct the mistakes.

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